English as a Foreign Language Students Attitudes towards the Utilization of iPad in Language Learning


  • Naser Jamil Alzaidiyeen


The role of educational technologies, in the current processes of teaching and learning is becoming more prevalent and accepted in terms of being a mainstream pedagogical tool. During the past three decades, the use of information and communication technologies have found its way into English language classrooms. A quantitative design was utilized to examine university students' attitudes towards the use of iPads. A cross-sectional survey was conducted to obtain data from participants. The sample of this research comprised of 109 English language learners at Majmmah University. Gender, age, and students’ academic year were selected as student's demographic variables for this research. The data were analyzed by calculating frequencies, percentages and via conducting t-test and One-Way ANOVA. The analysis revealed that most of the participants had positive attitudes toward the use of iPads in language learning. It was found that there are no any statistically meaningful differences in the participants’ attitude toward the use of iPads in respect to gender, age and academic level. Some useful implications are discussed based on the research findings.