Views of Pre-service Teachers in Different Disciplines about Coding with Arduino





Coding, Arduino, mBlock, teacher training


When the needs of present and future life are examined, it is seen that 21st century skills gain importance day by day. There are a wide variety of teaching methods, techniques and aids that support the development of individuals' skills and characteristics. Coding has also taken its place among these methods and techniques and continue to gain popularity with increasing acceleration. With this study, it is aimed to create a learning environment where pre-service teachers can experience coding practices. In this context, the aim of the study is to determine the views of the pre-service teachers about their experiences regarding Arduino implementations. In line with this purpose, a workshop was designed where Arduino implementations were carried out with the mBlock platform with 30 students studying in the department of computer and instructional technologies, science education department and mathematics education department. This study which consists of qualitative data is in the form of case study. Research data was collected with a semi-structured interview form that includes four open-ended questions in the form. The final form was obtained by taking expert opinions about the questions. During the interview processes, each participant was informed about the purpose and confidentiality of the interview and registration permission was obtained. Content analysis method was used in the data analysis process. The research results were discussed in the light of the literature and suggestions were made based on the experiences gained in the process for the next researchers