Teachers’ Perceptıons of Their Technological Competence in Learning and Teaching Process


  • Gürbüz OCAK
  • Burcu KARANFİL Yalova University




This study determines Turkish in-service teachers’ perceptions of their technological competence in learning and teaching process. In the study, case study method was employed. The participants of the study consisted of 23 in-service teachers working in Turkey during 2019-2020 academic year. The questionnaire technique was used in obtaining the data. For this purpose, six open-ended questions were prepared. In the analysis of the data, content analysis was employed. The findings of the study showed that most of the teachers use technology in preparing the course content and presenting it to the students, for in-class and out-of class activities. It was also obtained that most of the teachers feel inadequate in using technology in education. Lastly, teachers indicated that online systems used during pandemic process enabled the continuity of education, provided opportunity for teachers to improve themselves, increased family support and provided flexibility.