Examination of Turkish Mathematics Teachers Technology Integration Levels and Their Self-Confidence in TPACK


  • Mehmet Alper ARDIÇ




Mathematics Teachers, Mathematics Education, Teacher Confidence, TPACK, Technology Integration


This study aims to investigate the technology integration levels of secondary education mathematics teachers and their self-confidence in TPACK in terms of technology components. The present study, which employed the convergent parallel design of a mixed method, enrolled 57 mathematics teachers. A questionnaire to obtain teachers' views and the TPACK confidence survey were used as data collection tools in the research. It was found that teachers have a moderate level of self-confidence and the majority of them integrated technology into their classes at the replacement level. It was also seen that TPACK self-confidence levels of the teachers did not differ according to their technology integration levels. However, in the TPACK component of the TPACK self-confidence of the participants, there was a significant difference in favor of those who agreed with the idea that students should use technological tools in classes.  Similarly, it was found that mathematics teachers using more than one software in their classes had significantly higher TPACK self-confidence in all components. Consequently it can be said that technology integration levels of mathematics teachers reflected by their TPACK self-confident levels.